PGR-COMNET visualises the community of plant genetic resources stakeholders in Europe

PGR-COMNET supports the development of an integrated European PGR system

The European region is rich in crops and related wild species, expertise and skills, organisational and technical infrastructures, and cultural diversity. These assets are available for the conservation and sustainable use of European plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. The purpose of this site is to show how many organisations in Europe provide a specific and complementary contribution to our common goals, i.e. strengthened cooperation in Europe on the conservation and use of PGR and increased capacity and options for crop improvement to support European farming and food security.

The PGR-COMNET site shows who we are, where we are located, and how we contribute to the achievement of the goals. The table displays general stakeholders' interests (e.g. in which crop groups breeding activities are taking place etc.) and creates opportunities to develop new partnerships between the various PGR stakeholders in Europe.

The use of the web application is easy. You can show all stakeholders or simply select information by country, stakeholder group and/or crop groups. You may establish contact with organisations via the organisation's URL.

If your organisation is not shown on the map, please use the submission form or contact the PGR-COMNET team at, and your contact details will be added or updated. The more organisations are displayed, the more attractive this site will be.

External links: ECPGR EUCARPIA Arca-Net

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